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THE "WaterMiner™"

Introducing the globally patented BOYDEL 700,000 litre per day 1.6m "WaterMiner™" modular hybrid ElectroCoagulation-Electro Advanced Oxidation     (EC-EAO) wastewater treatment system.

Very Heavy TSS waters our specialty – stand alone to discharge treatment or as a pre-treatment we allow biological media or memebrane plant systems to work cleaner and so with less maintenance.

Non biological - No filters - No Membranes – near 100% fecal disinfection

 ·         APPLICATIONS: Municipal - Industrial – Commercial - On water Marine – Fracking – Produced Waters - Agriculture

Features and Benefits

98% plus automatic Phosphorus reductions

  80-90 % sludge reductions possible over chemical -biological plant treatment options

Material removals or oxidation of many Emerging Contaminants pharmaceuticals - pesticides

·         No Plates to clean or replace – Single anode slab · anode slab replacement is a 1 hour process  every two to three months depending on feedstock and anode installed.

 ·         Automatic and hands free continuous sludge handling. Sludge is continuously pumped in real-time as it is captured and pumped to clients dewater system.

·         Removals of: Organics - Hydrocarbons- Metals- Pesticides - Pharmaceuticals - Isotopes.......insitu disinfection robustly developed in our proprietary secondary treatment zone.

 ·         Perfected and minimized 6-8v  electrical  consumption for 99% TSS reduction, 85% cBOD reductions.

·         15-30 minute “stabilized processing start-up time" · no tank farms  · 15 minute total retention time at 700,000 lpd flows using our 1.6m cell · chemical insensitivity except......that we capture many · fully upgradeable as technology grows

Solid WaterMiner™ markets:

 ·         Fracking make-up water, combination cleaning and sterilization - use low value pond or slough water with no additional biocide chemicals to add.

·         sewage treatment, packaged or permanent - Bolt In capacity or compliance enhancement in hydraulically or mass loading challenged plants where the WaterMiner removes the problem fraction of feedstock from behind exisiting screens to treat and bypass the existing plant works. 

·         stand alone mixed FOG, portable toilet waste and septage treatment packaged plants. 

·         septage pre-treatment processing at your WWTP

·         Cruise ship, drill rig or military vessel - 3m x 20m footprint on-board sewage and bilge water treatment plant

·         storm sewer metals · chemicals 

·         fast emergency response sewage treatment capabilities

·         Cooling tower makeup water and recycling of same



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