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Dec. 2019 

"Roll up and Runtm"​
​ over the road platform.

W914-ST-HOT demo platform available

Municial or Industrial projects up to 350 m3/d

Ready for mains power 125amp 3ph 4wr connection, influent, effluent and sludge lines.

This portable platform is ready to operate as a WaterMiner or a SludgeMiner platform and can handle contaminated waters or heavily loaded sludge to approximately 2% solids. 

It can work anywhere in North America accessible by road. 

  • Do you want to confirm that Boydel can add life to your sewage plant or sewage lagoon by scalping and treating a portion of your flows?

  • Do you want to improve the drying of your bio-sludge before trucking offsite?  ~30% dry solids has been confirmed with mechanical pressing. 

  • Do you want to identify and then install a queit, virtusally odor free sewage treatment plant at your resort or business?

  • Do you want to have an automated easily operated and easily controlled water cleaning process? 

  • Does low OPEXand low CAPEX matter to you? 

  • Do you want to have the solution installed and winning for you in under 6 months? 


Canadian Government
DND contract signed

customizations available 

Shown below is the W1000-ST-HOT platform which is very similar to the custom DND unit which will have our smaller W500, 100 m3/d series reactors installed. 

April 2019

​​We are very pleased to confirm the signing for purchase of a customized WaterMiner W500-ST-HOT wastewater treatment platform for Canada's Department of National Defence, Pacific Coast Region.​​​​

This WaterMiner platform is being designed to handle difficult hydrocarbon, metals and other industrial flows up to 100,000 lpd in a very compact 6m (20ft) insulated, self contained highly portable configuration.

Our HOT designated platforms have a second OxiMiner™ (High Oxidation Treatment) reactor installed which provides additional electro-oxidation potential to the WaterMiner pre-treated effluent.  High oxidation performance is especially important in reducing highly recalcitrant COD and other industrial type waters with dissolved and volitile organics contamination.

Director of Engineering


Justin Alexander. P.Eng.

April 2019

We are very pleased to introduce Justin Alexander
as our new "Director of Engineering". 

Justin, with important input from Boydel staff, regulatory bodies and our distributors, will be leading the progression of new reactor designs and the design of complete technology platforms. All CAD work, PID's, PFD's and manufacturing drawings will come from Justin's desk and his support team.
Justin brings a dozen years of product design and development experience to the Boydel team.  He has worked in many highly technical industries including machine design, aviation, marine as well as consumer products.  With the end user needs always in mind, Justin will approach the engineering design of each installation as a custom or semi-custom project requiring end to end consideration of a projects unique operating conditions  and constraints.

This profesional mindset will ensure success in the field for our clients and Boydel.

Boydel wins ​​
"Ready to Rocket" Designation

March  2019

Congratulation to all "Ready to Rocket" and "Emerging Rockets" winners in all categories!!

Boydel is delighted honored to have grown from an "Emerging Rocket" winner 2018 to a "Ready to Rocket" winner 2019.  ​​​​

 www.readytorocket.com    for all details. 

Visit public announcement: 


Our 2019 funnel includes among other projects Canada's DND mobile platform, equipment in Australia, PFOS removal potential, municipal biosolids dewatering, pulp mill biosolids dewatering and raw sewage Capacity and Compliance opportunities.  W

We expect to rapidly and strongly confirm this  R2R 2019 recognition. 

Boydel is invited to a round- table discussion with Honourable James Carr, Minister of International Trade Diversification.

December 2018

We met a great group of BC innovators as well.

Boydel's CEO was very pleased to be invited to attend and participate in a small 15 person working panel to discuss the challenges and opportunities for BC and Canada's cleantech SME businesses. 

The meeting was hosted by Saltworks, and their CEO, Ben Sparrow.  

We were able to bring forward Boydel's interest and experiences introducing WaterMiner to China, India and Vietnam. 

Our time spent was well worth it!

New WaterMiner ECR1000 Ships

June 2019

A very compact 400 m3/d reactor kit

We are pleased to confirm that our WaterMiner ECR1000 series reactor has shipped to Australia.

This machine is currently on standby and available for any new project that requires compact wastewater treatment in a packaged plant configuration. 

New WaterMiner ECR1600 ships

2m diameter - 4 meter high


June 2018

We are very pleased to confirm the shipping of our first 1000 m3/WaterMiner reactor for installation in an abattoir facility.  We expect to confirm full commissioning in the next 6 months. 


June 2018

Growing in people and capabilities

We are very pleased to confirm our move to a new and more than 6 times larger engineering, shop and labratory  research facility. 

Located at:

#1-2, 1357 Ball Rd., Cobble Hill, BC, Canada.  
Our exterior staged 4-6 lpm lab facility is used for batching testing new feed waters sent to us from around the world as well as to continue to improve and perfect our WaterMiner CFECT technology. 

WaterMiner Generation #4 Reactor QC and Demo pilot

January 2018

We are pleased to confirm we have commenced our WaterMiner Generation #4 reactor trials. Water cleaning performance at maximum flow rates was as expected. ​​​​​

Improved polymer dosing techniques were identified.  Clarifier size was increased. 

Flow rates are 25% higher than projected while maintaining discharge parameters; with no material increases in power required. 

This pilot was situated on the city of Duncan, BC, raw sewage treatment lagoons. ​​

Thank You to the CVRD and Joint Utilities Board for this critical access permission. 


Emerging Rocket Award

March 2018

BOYDEL is delighted to have just been recognized by the "Ready to Rocket" organization at Emerging Rocket.

"We identify companies that have proven their technology and are positioned well for growth. Our analysis of market trends led to our selection of BOYDEL Wastewater Technologies Inc. as an 'Emerging Rocket' cleantech company." 

Dave Thomas, Senior partner, Rocket Builders. ​​​


New Technology Breakthrough

December 20, 2017

UNDER 10 mg/L BOD levels now developed 100% electrochemically 

We are very pleased to report that our Director of Research, Dr. Hector Alvarez-Vazquez, and his tech group have identified a new way to operate the Boydel WaterMiner treatment train to reliably deiver in raw sewage treatment:

<10mg/L  BOD
<5 mg/L TSS
below detect fecal coliform.
​Plus all of the other contaminant removals that Boydel's EC-EAO provides.

New Gen.4,  BOYDEL ECR 


August 30, 2017

  1. Managing Director
​​Boydel is pleased to confirm that the CEO, President and our staff PhD will be attending WEFTEC in Chicago October 2-4th 2017.
We are available to meet with any interested parties. 
Please send us a note on our contact page so that we can set up a mutually convenient meeting place and time. 


WEFTEC  2017

New BOYDEL  Website

August 21, 2017

We are pleased you are visiting our new website. 

Our News section is under development and will be up shortly.

    An 8 ECR module plant schematic

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