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Boydel Companies consists of three entities as linked through portals on this page:

Our WaterMiner™ water scrubbing technology consists of a globally patented or patent pending electrochemical device and process that has been under in house development and external validation over the previous 4.5 years. The proprietary Boydel EC wastewater treatment reactor is a two stage hybrid electrocoagulation - electrolysis design that has no plates, is self-cleaning, and employs a rotating cathode that drills down on the sacrificial anode; with a PLC managed adjustable gap control that insures optimum and minimal electrical consumption..... on the order of $50 per day at 1,000,000 lpd raw sewage treatment flows.

The WaterMiner™ routinely treats raw sewage in 15 minutes to cBOD <40 mg/L and <15 mg/L TSS at commercial flows and with a quick MBBR polish the treatment performance improves to cBOD <20 mg/L and <10 mg/L TSS. Robust 100% water disinfection is developed in the insitu electrolysis stage. Further the WaterMiner™ has proven very capable to routinely treat raw septage mixed with up to 30% FOG and porta potty waters to similar relative treatment levels at direct reactor consumables costs of about u$0.25 0.30 m3.

Much more detailed information about this technology is included inside the electrocoagulation portal immediately to the right.

We are now initiating a worldwide effort to discover and engage new and additional technology partners and/or full licensee's to commercialize, our "step change", 15 minute retention time, electrochemical wastewater scrubbing technology. We are very confident that our "no tank farm", fully enclosed treatment process will provide a huge technological and innovative advantage to any wastewater treatment plant company that is able to introduce it. Please open the "news" tab in the Boydel Electrocoagulation Technology portal for more information and from the contact page, which I monitor directly, to discuss your interest in participating with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Randy DeLuca